5 types of shorts to wear this summer

Shorts don't get enough credit during summer, do they? And sometimes, it's just hard to find the right pair that is both stylish and comfortable! Here are our top 5 types of shorts to wear this summer. All these designs and many more are featured in RAG TAG's Shorts Collection.


denim shorts

1. Denim Shorts

Style: Modern Chic | Edgy 

Shorts 1 | Shorts 2 | Shorts 3

The classic denim shorts. Depending on the design they can nicely fit in a modern chic outfit or a cool edgy outfit with a rock & roll tee. The biggest difference between designs is in length, hem (hemmed or not hemmed) and fit. In terms of comfort though, they take one of the last places with the paperbag belted shorts and the shortalls definitely being more comfortable.


paperbag belted shorts

2. Paperbag belted shorts

Style: Modern Chic | Girly
Shorts 1 | Shorts 2 | Shorts 3
My favourite type! The paperbag shorts take their name after their cinched waist which often comes combined with a cute little belt. This allows you to control their waist fit which makes them more comfortable than the denim short. Another thing I love about them is the A-line flared shape around the leg. It gives a much needed space during the summer.
printed shorts

3. Printed shorts

Style: Girly

Shorts 1 | Shorts 2 | Shorts 3

Aren't they so, so cute! Printed shorts come in all shapes and sizes and are perfect for those whose style is girly. Their playful patterns make a perfect combination with a solid colour top or shirt.



4. Shortalls

Style: Modern Chic | Girly | Edgy

Shortalls 1 | Shortalls 2 | Shorts 3

The shortalls, also known as a playsuit, are extremely comfortable easy-wear for the summer. They can be nicely combined with sandals, sneakers and sometimes even high heels! Shortalls make great modern chic, girly or even edgy outfits, depending on how they're styled.


shorts with crease

5. Crease shorts

Style: Classy | Modern Chic

Shorts 1 | Shorts 2 | Shorts 3

There's one perfect type of shorts for those with classy style and that is the crease shorts. They are more formal and often come in a set with a blazer. Perfect to pair with sandals or high heels.


Did you find your perfect type of shorts or is there another type your'd like to see featured? Let me know in the comments!

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